2008 Ke pali pedi (Child again)


Totally new suggestion in sound and style, and also a huge production, mastered and finalised at London Abbey Road Studios by Geoff Pesche. In this cd, Yiannis Konstantinidis created the music, Nikos Moraitis offered his lyrics, and also Yiannis Kotsiras composed music and wrote lyrics for two songs. With 2 hidden tracks and a great artwork. Just listen…


  • Opou pas tha se koitazo (I”ll look at you where ever you go)
  • Giro aptin agapi (Around love)
  • Na ise eki (Be there)
  • Pos ta pernao (How am I doing)
  • O iroas sou (Your Hero)
  • Ke pali pedi (Child again)
  • Kane to chimona kalokeri (Turn winter into summer)
  • San filachto (Like an amulet)
  • Nai se ola (Yes to everething) – Toutes les peines
  • Choris kanena filo (With no friends)
  • Min taksidevis (Don’t travel)
  • Meta to adio (After adieu)